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The most obvious reason why you should use sandstone is the simplest to understand – it looks good! There is something very appealing about that earthly color and those stunning grooves. Sandstone has the texture of hard sand and its course surface reminds us of the natural rock formation in the outback. Many people have used sandstone in the bathrooms and living room for this very reason. It is just such a beautiful material. Sandstone price is also very affordable and nothing can beat it.

The beauty of sandstones dates back to ages when it was used to crown a variety of structural icons. Even today these historic monuments of India stand proudly with many recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Sandstones are versatile in their applications. Hence, it is a good option for both interiors as well as exterior space. The stone is widely in demand for wall cladding and flooring both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its innate properties that make it a suitable choice for any environment.

Types Of Sandstone

It offers a modern look with a tint of blue in the grey backdrop – adding to its minimalistic beauty. When wet, the natural stone reflects shine that never goes amazing. The sandstone price starts from Rs. 50 and goes up to Rs. 100.

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This will go a long way in helping you when you want to install your sandstone. It eases the stress of the installation process. R.K. marbles India producing high-priority sandstone, it’s the most popular stone for exterior flooring. Sandstone We also offer an exclusive range of natural quality sandstones such as gold, red, and teakwood sandstone. In addition to all the beauty the material will bring to your home now, sandstone surfaces will also increase the value of your home and are a major business point for any home.