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Mint Yellow Sandstone Tiles are hard sandstone with a yellowish touch on the surface. Therefore, it gives a beautiful & warm effect to your exterior flooring. It is a light yellow buff & ripened mango color sandstone. You can use these Indian sandstone Tiles for interior as well as exterior flooring and wall cladding. These sandstone tiles are well known for their durability, strength, and texture, etc. In addition, the color gives vintage look and also stays cooler in the summer. Also, Mint Sandstone is Perfect for almost any environment.

These Sandstone Tiles have a natural color with an amazing resistance to heat and water absorption capacity. Moreover, mint sandstone pavers add prestige elegance to any home or garden, especially with their natural texture and versatility. Also, if you install these tiles inside the paths of your garden area it will give a decent vibe.

Mint Yellow Sandstone Tiles are an excellent choice for the exterior wall cladding of houses.

You can also use this stone for Coping stone or bull-nose swimming pool coping, front fences, lintel block steps for extra effect. These tiles are available in sizes of 1×1 and 2×2.

In conclusion, it is a very popular dense, hard-wearing sandstone tiles, and resistant to saltwater to provide a low surface for natural maintenance.

Rk Marbles India is a supplier and manufacturer of the finest quality Mint yellow Sandstone Tiles at the lowest price.

Mint Yellow Sandstone Tiles is a perfect fit for your home exterior. It doesn’t require any chemical processing as it is a natural stone. RK Marbles India is the biggest manufacturer supplier of sandstone tiles in India and overseas. This sandstone is available for sale as Tiles. Call us for more queries. RK Marbles India has a wide range of sandstone Tiles at the best price.

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