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Teakwood Sandstone Tiles are smooth light yellow veined sandstone tiles. Also, it consists of a number of light brown veins in the yellow background. These tiles are quarried from the ranges of Rajasthan. Therefore, this sandstone tile comes with natural colors and textures.  Another name of Teakwood sandstone is Khatu Teak Sandstone. These Tiles have a long-lasting natural look. You can easily install these tiles and the maintenance is also very cheap.

Because of its decent color and striking pattern, the architecture recommends it for both interior and outdoor flooring. You can use these sandstone tiles for, Garden Pathway, and wall cladding. Teakwood sandstone Tiles are natural Indian Sandstone and don’t require any chemical treatment. It has a creamy ivory sheet with brilliant golden veins that forms a wood-like pattern

It has some common features like heat resistance, smooth surface, and high durability, which makes these tiles ideal for building material for paving, fireplaces, etc. In addition, it has also a smooth surface that makes it a great option for use around the swimming pool. These tiles will last for years if you care properly, maintaining their superior design and quality.

Teakwood sandstone tiles will make a great and beautiful feature in your home. Use it to create a stunning kitchen backsplash, bathrooms paired with ivory cabinets and bright lighting, you’ll have the ultimate in lighting and airy design, minimal with a twist.

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