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Red Sandstone is also popular with the name Agra Red Sandstone. It is a pure sandstone available in different sizes and with varied thicknesses. The Red Sandstone becomes more appealing due to the Colour. It is a widely popular building stone after it was extensively used in the construction of Agra Fort and Red fort.

This Sandstone is in huge demand due to its elegant finishing and stain-free nature. Easy maintenance and high durability are its characteristics. This beautiful sandstone comes at competitive market prices as well. Agra Sandstone is generally famous for the external wall Cladding. It looks excellent after it gets fit. The natural stone is highly in demand for big architectural projects. Thanks to its robust chemical and physical properties that work almost like granite.

Red sandstone is popular for monuments, sculptures, and buildings. This stone got a touch of history and kingdoms. You’ll find this sandstone in the form of archaeological monuments and cenotaphs. Going beyond borders, the stone is popular in Canada, Japan, and the Middle East countries.

When it comes to picking a natural stone for outdoor flooring, Red sandstone is the first choice. It has the reputation of being durable in high traffic areas. Having this sandstone as a door frame or its surround means adding a dramatic touch to your property. This feature adds a line of distinction that stays unparalleled from any other material.

Over 90% of the deposits of sandstone are in Rajasthan. We at RK Marbles India offer the best Agra Red Sandstone at the lowest price in India and Overseas. RK Marbles India is one of the leading sandstone suppliers and exporters. We offer all kinds of sandstones for various applications. Our highly skilled craftsmen create bespoke sandstone masterpieces for both traditional and modern homes and offices.

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