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Orange Onyx marble has a beautiful orange color with parallel and wavy bands of white color on it. It is a natural onyx stone. Also, this stone is very light in weight and likable strength so it is easy to install. Due to this feature, the cost of maintenance is also very low. It will give an elegant look when place in any cafe or restaurant.  Sometimes these light white waves seem like circles which give it a unique and exclusive look compared to other stones.

This marble is also popular for interior decor for houses. It is also being preferred for bathroom vanity and sinks now a day. Also, you can use this stone in kitchen countertops or piano bar and restaurant counter; Orange onyx has a natural color with a very smooth and shiny surface. This variety of onyx stones is very easy to install and maintain, so it is a perfect fit for your home. This onyx marble comes with a great feature like a smooth surface and lasts for more than seven years, which makes it a perfect choice for your interior.

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