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Indian White Onyx is the semiprecious natural stone that is the verity of silicate mineral chalcedony. It has a stunning white color with a suggestive wave structure on it. This Onyx stone is quarried from Indian ranges and quite popular overseas, therefore this stone comes within a minimum price. It has a very unique design and flow pattern.

There is nothing like Indian white onyx when it comes to adding elegance to home interiors. Also, this regal material can instantly enhance the appearance of any room. Due to its highly glossy look, you can use this onyx as a decorative element in walls, flooring, tabletops, and so on.

Indian White Onyx gives a stunning interior appearance. This Onyx is the best choice of interior designers and Architects for interior design, decoration, and wall cladding. You can use this Onyx for the construction of luxury residential projects and hotels. This onyx will add an antique and a vintage look to your place. It is in high demand worldwide due to its exclusivity.

White Onyx is relatively fresher but has already found its fame through its wide norm in Wall cladding.

It doesn’t require any chemical treatment. Installation and maintenance of Indian White Onyx is very easy. We are always there to providing the best product at a reasonable price. As the lifeline of this onyx is very long. You can use it for your house projects. Many of these designs offer vitality and aesthetic appeal. It can boost the energy within a room or a living area.

The standard surface finish of Indian White Onyx by RK Marbles India is polished, honed, Domus, and sandblasted. This Onyx is available as Tiles and slab.

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