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Marble Floor Tile

No Tile is Better Than Marble Floor Tile

Marble inspired tiles are better than even real thing! Marble has been always best choice for luxurious appealing look. Marble is available in many grades and shades depending upon the price tag. You cannot say that all marble floor tile amazing and better than real material. It completely depends upon the designer and the home owner who really want to turn normal floor into upgraded and luxury floor using marble floor tile. There are five reasons which surely let you decide for marble tiles for flooring.

Luxury with A Twist: As we know that marble is a natural stone and it is easily stainable by chemicals and even waters. Marble has to be sealed for prevent water seeping inside which makes is slippery. In this scenario marble floor tile comes in, they not only prevent slippery and staining; even also available in plenty of designs. The bistrot marble range is inspired from Italian company also available in hexagon shapes and different size.

Sleek and Glossy: Marble floor tiles are so sleek and glossy; we can deny accepting this truth. Using marble tiles, you can predict the beautiful look with natural stone. You can get make amazing and attractive look as you want with less wastage. These kinds of tiles are available in size up to 60 cm by 120 cm.

Contemporary Stone Looks: Beige and white color marble is mostly used for bathroom floors and walls. Nowadays grey color is mostly liked by the people because it gives the modern and urban look to interior. You don’t have to replace in every couple of years because these sandy grey marble has that quality to retain beauty for long.

Lighted Appeal: The Rosalia series of tiles are natural and come in honed flame brushed texture to enhance realistic beauty to your walls and floor. Texture brushed flame should not be applied to natural marble but to tiles. When a spotlight appears in spot of these floor and walls, it gives unbelievable looks.

Stormy and Dramatic: By using marble floor tiles you can get marvelous and luxury floor as well as excellent laying patterns. The progressive style does not only change the perception of tiles being used and even it accentuates dramatic stormy veining of the “marble” as well!

I hope these reason should be enough for you that why you need to select marble floor tile over other tiles or stones. You can find long range of marbles and other stones too from our website.

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