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Marble Countertops

5 Things You Should Know About the Marble Countertops

As we can see today that marble stone is in every corner of our house and offices. We can find marble on our walls too. If you want to have one of best slab of nature and never want to let go, then obviously you should choose the marble over other stones. Even if you start to counter numbers then also you will find that it is very cheap and affordable with best and vast number of choice. You can also think of marble countertops while you desire to renovate your kitchen, it’s the exterior of the marble which really hides the dirty secrets of kitchen.

It can be really amazing choice while you are about to invest in this. Here are few important things you should about the marble countertops before planning to have.

Marble is Porous, High maintenance surface: Marble is an amazing stone but when we get into geology of marble then we would surely find that it is vulnerable to staining agents (For e.g. juice, oil, wine) that seep into the stone deeply. When it seep deep then it is very difficult to reverse, so there is only one way to prevent this damage which is sealing the surface professionally. With no luck, you will have to revise the process of sealing in every year and you can do that by yourself with quality sealant.

Be Ready for Scratches: If you slice the lemons on the block of marble countertops the prolonged expose of acid will remove the polish or sealant from countertops. This process of removing stains will make your marble dull and vulnerable to scratches. Marble is very soft than other stones of same category (Granite Countertops)


Beautiful Addition to Your Kitchen with Extra Care: Marble is the stone with vast range of category of it. It is available in so many shades which can 100% enhance the beauty of your kitchen. We have been noticing that marble is used for many purposes for many centuries. We can see the monuments, premises surface, and many other handmade arts of marble that’s why marble countertops can be most amazing choice but you will have take care little bit extra than other stones.


Cost Effective Buy: Seriously, You won’t believe this that marble is very cost effective stone for your house renovation or enhance the beauty. Marble is available in multiple ranges from cheapest to very costly in different shades from many other countries. Carrara marble from Italy is cheapest priced natural marble countertops material in the market and the luxury marble like calacatta marble is the luxury with expensive price tag.


Marble is Heat Resistant: Marble is a heat resistant stone that’s why it can be best choice for the kitchen countertops. Marble has the capability of resist the heat of many things in your kitchen but as we know that marble is softer stone. You will still have to be careful for prevent the damage.

I wish these points will surely help you to understand about the kitchen countertops according to your requirement and budget. I have also got the marble countertops in my kitchen from RK Marbles India Company in Jaipur. They gave me really great assistance in selecting the right stone for my kitchen according to my budget.

Types of Marbles Countertops

White Marble     Pink Marble

Green Marble     Gold Marble

Brown Marble    Makrana Marble