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Marble coaster

Marble Coaster

Marble coaster – Simple designs highlights the natural allure


Marble coaster  Market of marble is increasing day by day from flooring to handicrafts; Marble is easy to found and everyone adores marble product due to its natural beauty and shine.

Marble gives out best look of each and everything. Nowadays, marble handicrafts like sculptures, statues, designer boxes and especially marble coasters brining out trend to use pure stone for enhancing the look of your house.

marble coaster

Everybody wants to make their place luxurious and unique from others. From choosing the color of house to choosing type of coasters everything is important for decorating the interior. Well the decision of choosing color of your place is not as much as difficult like choosing best costars for your dining table or coffee table.

It is also important to use the best type of coasters; this will make your home to look different from others as well as keep it safe from water rings.

marble coaster

Some basics about coasters

marble coaster

Basically people prefer coasters made of plastic, glass, leather or wood which are out of trend and no one pays attention to them.

But if you choose marble coasters they’re matchless and unique in their own kind. They’re not as much as popular like other coasters but if you want to go with the best then marble coasters are perfect option for you.

Marble is one of the most trendy coaster materials today. This is characteristic to its force and weight that make it seem genuine and eternal. A marble coaster is described as a work of art that you can even personalize with your fancy messages or images.

It will be a striking addition which will light up your kitchen or dining table. Marble coasters comes in various shapes and patterns from simple sober to some sparking designs according to the whole look you wants to keep.

You’ll be worried about what if your table got scratched? So you don’t have to worry about because you can buy coasters which have sort of soft material on the back like rubber or cork in order to protect your furnishings from any kind of scratch and damage.

Adding drink coasters is one the most effective and unbeaten ways to instantly fill up a table or dining space and introduce color, design and luxury into a scheme without being irresistible.

Benefits of coasters?

marble coaster

Marble coaster may be small pieces that many consider irrelevant to some people but they’re too much useful. Take a glance into how these small accessories can make protect your dining table and working desk.

  • It will keep your furniture safe from the stains of sweaty drinks, tea or coffee. They are waterproof and if you keep your glass on coaster, this will reduce the chances of water rings on the table.
  • Marble Coasters are beautiful and look amazing wherever you place them. These coasters boost the beauty with the touch of class. You can go with coasters to keep your place always attractive.
  • They are weighty so they will not slip. Marble coasters will not fade or lose color. The coaster will not stick to the glass when lifted up.
  • You can buy coasters to gift someone, it is really unique and beautiful which will be loved by everyone as it comes in different colors and designs.
  • The marble coaster is made from natural stone so you can keep it inside freezer and it will keep your drinks cold afterwards.
  • Marble coaster can be used for drinks and suitable for multipurpose usage. You can use it as candle holder or improve your decoration by keeping a flower on top of it in your office or living room.


Shapes of marble coasters

marble coaster

Marble coasters have unlimited collection of shapes and design. It can be customized also according to the buyer’s choice.

  • Square– Square marble coasters are most popular in shape and people prefer this shape for their coasters. It gives sober and beautiful look to your table.
  • Circle– This shape is also famous among people and they prefer this shape.
  • Oval– Oval shape coasters are not too much common for people, as it is not available everywhere. But it looks good when you use them.
  • Personalized– People also buy marble coasters according to customization which is not fixed in shape. It can be of any kind according to the buyer.
Where to decorate your marble coasters!

Spilling of drinks is too common and can only protected by Marble coasters which are simply beautiful everywhere. You can use them on every table or slab where you think it will be helpful.

  • Coffee table– Coffee tables can be in any room or lawn or in living room. You can style your coasters on coffee table. This will give a new look to your table.
  • Dining table– You can use your beautiful marble coasters on dining table. Mostly people use coasters on dining table as it the only place people use to eat and drink more often.
  • Kitchen table– Many People don’t have kitchen table but if you have that you can decorate that table with your marble coasters. It will give a new look to your kitchen.
  • Study/ office table- Marble coasters can be use on study table. While working or studying you’ll not go to dining table for anything to eat or drink. So coasters are important on study and office table also to reduce the chances of spilling while studying or working.
Some selected marble coasters

I explored some of the marble coasters which I want to share with you so that you can get the idea of what kind of designs you can prefer while buying them.

  • Coasters with gold paint- Marble coasters painted with gold would be a brilliant count to your home decor as coasters or as decorative objects.
  • Nail varnish Marble Coastal- These marbled coasters are beautiful and unique. It can also be used for gifting.
  • Handcrafted marble coasters- White Marble with semiprecious stones gives out traditional look to the coasters.
  • Hexagon black marble coasters- These coasters will give very different look from other coasters. Its black shine is so beautiful.
How to maintain marble coasters?

Coasters don’t need extra care and maintenance. Marble coasters are very useful and you can clean them with a wet cloth. Coasters are good choice for your tables because it doesn’t require extra time on them.

These coasters are easy to maintain because it can handle water drops as well as bumps. The designs will never fade and more importantly, it absorbs all the moisture from your sweaty drinks. 

Wrapping up

The very last thing you will worry about after any party is water rings on your beautiful furnishings. Drinks like iced tea, coffee, water, or beer can create these unpleasant marks that may not detachable from some kind of tables.

You may not realize it but marble coasters are real need you cannot stay without them. Everything just looks fancier with marble

For that you should go with marble coasters which are best in type and quality. It will not only protect your table from stains and scratches but also makes your table looks beautiful.

A beautiful addition to your house, they’ll look great paired with more home accessories.

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