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Makrana Marbles

Makrana marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful marble in the world. For centuries, this marvel of nature has embellished palaces, temples, and monuments with its ethereal beauty and unparalleled purity of 98% calcium carbonate, including the Taj Mahal and Victoria Memorial. Due to its pure white colour and intricate veining patterns, it has become a symbol of luxury and opulence.

Global Heritage Stone


According to the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), marble from Makrana in Rajasthan is now Asia’s first Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR).


The price range for Makrana marble is Rs. 30-700 per square foot.

The Five Properties:-

Purity, Whiteness, Strength, Heat resistance, and low maintenance – further enhance its desirability. These characteristics make it suitable for various applications ranging from flooring to countertops and decorative accents.

Properties and Qualities:-

1. It is resistant to water seepage because it contains 98 per cent calcium carbonate and 2 per cent impurities. No other chemical treatments are applied to these.
2. The antimicrobial properties of white marble make it ideal for use in areas susceptible to infection, such as the kitchen and bathroom.
3. It is rich in thermal mass, which absorbs and stores heat, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Famous Structures:- 

1. Taj Mahal- The Iconic Symbol of love
2. Victoria Memorial- A blend of Indian and British Architecture
3. Jain Temples at Dilwara- A Masterpiece of Intricate Carvings
4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque- A Modern Marvel In Abu Dhabi
5. Rambagh Palace Hotel Jaipur: A Perfect Masterpiece of Heritage
6. Moti Masjid: Lahore Fort, Pakistan.

Applications and Uses:- 

1. Flooring and Wall Cladding
2. Countertops and Vanity Tops
3. Sculptures and Decorative Items
4. Architectural features
5. Landscaping
6. Furniture

Types Of Makrana Marbles:-

These are the exclusive marbles that are mined and manufactured at Makrana, divided into different categories based on their design and pattern.

1. Makrana White Marble: Makrana White Marble, renowned for its exceptional purity and unmatched brilliance, is a calcitic stone of pure white colour suitable for building construction and sculptures.

2. Dungri Marble: Dungri marble is known for its milky white hue and subtle grey veins that add character and depth to its appearance.

3. Kumari Marble: A white marble with grey or brown line patterns, it is the most economical kind of Makrana white marble.

4. Albeta Marble: With its pristine white hue adorned with graceful grey and black veins running through it, Albeta marble is the world’s finest Makrana white marble, of the highest quality.

5. Brown Albeta Marble: Brown Albeta marble is a captivating natural stone that boasts a striking combination of whitish undertones and delicate brown veins, creating an exquisite visual appeal.

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