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Makrana Kumari Marble is a beautiful marble of black, brown, and grey wavy veins all around it. This stone has white base color. This stone is very attractive. It is one of the types of Makrana Marble quarried in marble mines of Rajasthan (India). If you are looking for a reasonable stone and one of the most beautiful stones that the earth produces, Makrana Kumari Marble can definitely appeal to you.

This marble is highly efficient and economical. This stone is very trendy among house owners. It is a calcite stone and hence it is highly durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions i.e. heat, and water. This stone doesn’t require any type of chemical reinforcement before its commercial applications. You can easily live with this stone for 15-20 years.

Makrana Kumari Marble is the perfect choice for exterior and interior flooring and wall cladding. It is also quite popular for countertop applications in the kitchen and bathroom. This marble is also popular for Stair casing, window seals, fireplace cabinet, bathroom vanity, and sink top. It gives a stellar effect all over the marble slabs and can be used without any hesitation in different areas. The marble’s polish, durability, and lively design make it worth the money you are prepared to pay.

Makrana Kumari Marble has a polished, rock-faced, swan cut, and honed surface finish. It is available as a slab and tiles of various shapes and sizes. RK Marbles India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Makrana Kumari Marble in India and overseas.

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