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Gold Marbles

Did you ever think you could have a house that dazzles like gold? Well, now you can! Classic Gold marbles have been a star material and a favourite for centuries, so it’s no wonder that our love for this golden shiny natural stone still exists in modern spaces. With each rock unique to where it’s found and how it is formed, there are many options when you research the types of marble. Thanks to the stone’s versatility and timeless lustre, artists, architects, and designers have always loved this premium stone.

There is something about gold marbles that is attractive. That makes it beautiful. The colour, the texture, everything about it is beautiful, non-flashy… yet elegant, and exquisite in its manner. Every line, every pattern, every grain of marble speaks its own story. 

Gold-colored marbles embody everything that gold transmits and that the human being has valued century after century up to the present time.

Beyond the foreseeable implications that the use of gold entails, the colour of the most appreciated metal in the world conveys great universal concepts.

The quality of a Gold Marble usually comes under a golden seal. The best sportsman is awarded a gold medal. Gold is a symbol of victory and so on. Gold is everywhere, get it to your home.

The combination of the earth tones with the sparkles offered by the golden veins form an elegant composition that is very connected with nature. The result is an atmosphere of well-being, serenity, recollection, and pleasure for the senses. You can’t go wrong with golden marble.

The golden marble range starts at Rs. 60.

Popular varieties of Gold marbles include-

Flowery Gold Marble – This stone is a perfect combination of shades.

Goldio Marble – The affordable price and quality of this gold marble is the number one choice.

Rainforest Gold Marble- This is one of the most demanding stones in the market.

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