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Ita Gold Marble is an outstanding golden base marble with brown or dark color veins on it. It gives a touch of wooden furniture. Due to its color and texture, it is a great option for flooring, countertops & tabletops and furniture. Ita Gold Marble is one of the most preferred choices of clients because of its uniqueness and elegance. These Marbles are the Indian natural stone. Ita Gold Marble is having high demand because of its stunning golden color.

This marble is popular for flooring and wall cladding uses. It is a unique stone that gives elegance wherever you will install it. Qualities like durability, long life, and appealing colors. It won the heart of many house owners. You’ll usually found Ita Gold Marble in temple floorings, big open areas, etc.

We offer a wide range of Ita Gold Marbles.

Though India is popular for numerous marble colors, the most famous are the gold marble you get in India. Marble is one of the most challenging stones, and because of its design fineness. It is broadly utilized as a construction stone for both inside and outside reasons. This marble takes a remarkably cleaned accomplishment, which persists even in nasty situations. It additionally is accessible in an assortment of different completions. This is not a luxurious stone but a famous stone worldwide. Some most significant benefits of Gold Marble are that it is heat resistant and has shallow water absorption capacity.

RK Marbles India supplies and manufactures the finest Ita Gold Marble at the lowest price. Rk Marbles India’s products are treated using high-grade material sourced from the marketplace’s most reliable vendors. All our team members are experts in polishing and cutting these marbles in proper dimensions. Marble is the most chosen option for natural stone. You can get each and every type of natural stone here with the best quality of support.

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