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Granites are a type of hard and compact igneous rock formed by quartz, feldspar, as well as mica. Hence, its toughness and durability make it an ideal material for facades. Resistant to heat and cold, this natural stone gives your exterior wall cladding an aspect of strength as well as hardness. Large formats can create continuous surfaces with a timeless style. Granite is resistant to mould and water. It will look great in large or small bathrooms, giving a sense of elegance.

Granites are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and shine to interior walls. It enhances the natural look of your home and helps connect indoor and outdoor spaces. A bedroom or a kitchen will completely change their appearance thanks to granite for a mirror effect or natural sensations with honed or aged granites.

The aesthetics of granite is on how it is extracted, processed, and finished. This stone is available in thousands of colors and textures. Granite tends to retain its color and pattern for a very long time so you will have a facade that will last a lifetime.

Granites are the most popular choice stone in the use for domestic and commercial purposes. Granite is stain-resistant and durable stone, its wide colors make it the most beautiful stone for a lifetime. R.K. Marbles India is a leading granite company in India that produces quality and the strongest granites. Our best granite is famous for its combination of beauty and its finishing. Check out our website for the best range.