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Tomato Pink Marble has a very nice design and pattern of grey or brown color on tomato pinkish base. This is an amazing stone with an attractive pattern.  Tomato Pink Marble is a popular type of marble for kitchen and bathroom counters as well as floors and wall tiles. With the changing trends, pink marble has taken a great turn in interiors nowadays. It is a very versatile material and can be put in multiple places.

Tomato Pink Marble is an Indian pink marble stone from the marble ranges of Rajasthan.  It is a great choice for flooring, countertop applications, and stair casing. With its exclusive quality of quirkiness as well as the exotic beauty, this stone got its name the Tomato Pink Marble. Its pink base makes it different from all other stones and gives a royal look to the homes. Pink Marble is vastly used in the interiors of traditional vintage hotels and restaurants.

It is the best combination for people who loves giving the interior a retro vibe. It gives your home a classy look that you will strive for. Due to its look, it is vastly popular in bathroom interiors and backsplashes. Its durability and long life are the top features.

It is a natural stone hence no chemical treatment is given to this stone. It has a very long-lasting shine and durability. Tomato Pink Marble is available as Slab and tiles of various sizes and thickness. This Marble has a polished and honed surface for longer shine and durability. These marbles are very easy to install clean and maintain.

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