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Shiva Gold Granite is a fine to medium-grained pinkish-beige granite. It has numerous brown-red veins and spots. It is one of the preferred choices of customers due to its Ivorish pink shade which gives a very soothing and elegant atmosphere in any surrounding. This granite is also popular as Shivakasi Gold or Shivakashi Yellow. Shiva Gold Granite is the primary choice for those who are searching for a granite floor to add glamour to their living space.

Shiva Gold is the epitome of elegance and sophistication and is an ideal choice for flooring and countertops. Various granite articles are made out of this variety of Granite. Shiva Gold Granite is suitable for both conservative and daring design approaches its rich, polished & ivory shades with excellent wavy structures create dramatic contrasts with light & dark colored cabinets. The unique elegance and long-term durability of our Shiva Gold granite will entice you with its timeless magic.

Gold granite slabs add a stylish appearance to the home decors.

This type of granite stone is very popular all over the world and is extensively in demand for making tiles, blocks, and slabs. These slabs are extensively used to give a rich and luxurious appeal to any interior and exterior of the buildings. These granite tiles can be used effectively on walls and floors in both interior and exterior architecture. The slabs are extremely hard to wear and are ideal for use in high-traffic areas of the home.

RK Marbles India is offering Shiva Gold granite Slabs and tiles in India at the lowest price. The thickness of this granite slab varies from 15mm to 20mm. Check out other technical details and the price of this Granite below. We supply marble and granite all over India as well as worldwide. For any details regarding granite and other stones Call or WhatsApp us. +91-99289-79999. You can also connect us on Facebook and Instagram