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Ruby red Granite is one of the world-famous varieties of natural building stone. This Granite comes in a rich red color variety with black or grey speckles. This Red Granite is a medium grain, deep red color, dense with dark grains, intrusive igneous rock grainy, and phaneritic. Ruby red Granite name is the result of a rich deep red color. 

Great hardness, smooth finishing, resistance to scratch, heat resistance, strength, and durability makes it prominent worldwide. Ruby red Granite is suitable for interior and exterior use; moreover, it is freeze resistant and has a natural polish. 

Due to its exclusive texture and red shade, the granite got its name as Gem Red and Red Ruben granite. This granite is highly favored for exterior uses, such as granite floor tiling. The sun’s reflection on its surface vitalizes its beautiful color scheme, bringing vivid lights to any space. Strong but magnificent, this granite tile is best for designing kitchen countertops and avant-garde bathrooms. 

RK Marble India, the reputed granite supplier, offers this classic stone in custom slabs, tiles, and blocks in different shapes and sizes. The stone is mined in Tamil Nadu, India. Ruby red Granite stone worldwide may be chosen as granite, and in the area of application of the European Standard, this stone must be nominated as a granite. It merely provides an even smoother surface finish. Ruby Red Granite is appropriate for countertop projects besides is frost resilient and with an endless polish. 

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