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Pink Onyx

Introduction to Pink Onyx

Pink Onyx is a mesmerizing natural and translucent stone that exudes elegance and charm. From its soft blush tones to its unique veining patterns, pink onyx marble slab is a truly stunning choice for adding a touch of sophistication to any space. 

The majority of pink Onyx comes from countries like India, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Each location produces unique variations in colour intensity and patterns due to varying levels of impurities present during the formation process.

The most striking feature of pink onyx stone is its translucent nature. When light passes through this translucent stone, it creates a soft glow that adds to its aesthetic appeal. Its intricate veining and translucency make it a popular choice for countertops, backsplashes, and feature walls in both residential and commercial settings.

What is the Price of Pink Onyx Per square foot in India?

When it comes to pink onyx slab price, you can expect to pay around Rs 1500 per square foot for this luxurious and elegant stone. Pink onyx marble is a unique natural stone with varying shades of pink, creating a stunning and eye-catching appearance that will surely elevate any space.

Uses of Pink Onyx

  1. Accent wall or backsplash 
  2. Furniture and accessories
  3. Lighting fixtures
  4. Bathroom features
  5. Kitchen Island Top
  6. Tabletops
  7. Feature Wall Behind A Fireplace
  8. Bar Countertops
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