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Nadi Black Marble is a natural Indian black marble. It is a deep grey almost black background with white big veins. This durable and beautiful Indian Marble is perfect for usage indoors as well as outdoors in climates with freezing temperatures and for all Commercial and Residential projects.

Nadi Black Marble has polished, swan cut, rock-faced, tumbled, and sandblasted surface finish. It requires very low maintenance and is very easy to install. It is highly durable and long-lasting. Black Marble is available as slab and tiles of the thickness of various thicknesses and sizes. Its unique arrangement of specks adores the space. The price of this black marble is very low and affordable for anyone. This stone also has a long lifeline.

RK Marble India is the largest Supplier of Indian Marble Slab and Tiles in India and overseas.

Because of its natural look, this Marble is appropriate for exterior flooring and wall cladding, as well. Its unique arrangement of specks adores the space, and therefore, it is used for lining the front of the fireplace and designing the tabletops or kitchen countertops. It adds an antique and a vintage look to your place. It is in high demand worldwide due to its exclusivity. Black Marble is relatively fresher but has already found its fame through its wide norm in floorings, countertops, and wall cladding.

RK Marbles India is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Nadi Black Marble. We are exporting Nadi Black Marble and various other stones all over the world. We supply Slabs, Tiles, and different cut sizes of all types of Marble stones. All kinds of Marble are extreme and easy to maintain. Considering this and the high-quality look that black Marble brings, this stone is an excellent choice. Take some time and explore our black Marble countertop varieties. Their sparkle and shine will never disappoint you!