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Moon gold granite is goldish-yellow base granite with a beautiful texture of brown and white all over the stone. This granite is known for its unique colour and structure that cannot be imitated by any synthetic material. The Moon gold granite slabs are one of the most demanded products of the Indian Granite industry. This natural stone adds life to the mundane aura with its shiny specks of white and black hues.

This premium quality granite captures everyone’s attention, not in the kitchen or bathroom, but also as vertical cladding or lining the front of a fireplace. With its robust and impressive appearance, the Moon gold granite gives overwhelmingly striking results when used for exterior walkways, patios, and wall cladding. The granite resists stains of water, food stains, and beverage spills, hence it is used for bathroom and kitchen countertops or tabletops. This granite is available as a slab of thickness 15 mm to 20 mm. This granite has a very low water absorption capacity. The life of this beautiful stone is more than 10 years and it is an expensive stone.

It has a very long-lasting shine and natural colour.

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