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Ivory Gold granite makes a big impression with its golden yellow color that provides this stone a soothing effect. Ivory Gold Granite is a kind of ivory cream with golden beige shades granite quarried in India. It is a good option for its durability and warm tones. Interesting color variations occur within individual pieces, especially those cut in large formats.

The one who is exploring for an attractive and appealing living can surely consider this Ivory Gold granite. The best part about it stone is it is not an expensive stone and people can easily afford it. One can easily upgrade the indoor or outdoor spaces with this awestruck granite. The granite slabs have elements like accurate dimension, scratch resistance, and lustrous appearance. This granite is a solid and uniform material. The processing cost of this granite is meager, so the total price. You can import this granite in slabs and tiles form, and both are very cheap to buy.

Moreover, it is an option worth considering for wall cladding of bathrooms or kitchen countertop, in conjunction with lighter materials such as marble or wood. It forms a perfect combination with large mirrors with gilded frames, antique furniture upholstered in velvet and silk, tropical woods, and designer pieces. Ivory Gold countertop in bathrooms and kitchens captures attention as this is not a common color. It offers long-lasting shine and luster for many years when used for kitchen countertops.

RK Marbles India is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Ivory Gold granite.

We are exporting Ivory Gold and various other stones all over the world. We supply Slabs, Tiles, and different cut sizes of all types of Granite stones. Ivory Gold can be processed into Polished, Tumbled, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced Sandblasted and so many others. For more information regarding any other natural stone contact- +91-9928979999.

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