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Ikon green granite is a very dark shade of green with white or grey minimal texture on its surface. The unique texture provides a sumptuous appearance to each slab. The intense and 3-dimensional effect in the granite tile blends easily with the light-colored wood, antique gold, and cutting-edge chroming.

This magnificent natural granite is perfect for kitchen countertops and spectacular granite floor or wall claddings. This attractive granite is preferred by many people due to its resilience and classy appearance. We are the eminent granite suppliers and obtain 100% natural granite from the mines set up in East India.

They also easily blend with other house and kitchen décor. Ikon green granite will bring a touch of exquisiteness to your kitchen and it could last a lifetime if properly cared for. . Ikon green granite has become an in-demand choice for a kitchen counter or work surface. These kitchen counters are not only attractive and come in a wide variety of designs but they are at a more affordable price range in comparison to other types of the worktop.

It is one of the most exclusive series available at RK Marbles India, as granite is one of the hardest stones, and because of its excellent design, it is profoundly utilized as a building stone for both inside and outside reasons. This takes an exceptionally cleaned completion, which persists even in nasty situations. It additionally is accessible in an assortment of different completions. Ikon green granite is available as a slab of thickness 15 mm to 20 mm

RK Marbles India is a well-known supplier and distributor of the best quality Ikon green granite.

We offer the processed product using high-grade material sourced from the most trusted vendors of the market. All our professionals are experts in polishing and cutting these granites in proper dimensions. Granite is the most chosen option for natural stone. You can get each and every type of natural stone here with the best quality of support. You can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram