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Green marble

We all are praising white marble taking over our kitchens, bathrooms, and even the living rooms. However, have you ever thought of experimenting with other colours of marble? For a more memorable-looking interior, consider shades of Green Marbles. Its multiple shade options and guarantee of life have given people ideas to twist the modern decor.

Green marble has a decorative look and its wide variation in veining and colouring is considered its best trait. This marble stone is long-lasting and brings instant style into space. Green marble stone is versatile and has a wide number of uses. Since it is a durable, long-lasting material, it can be used for flooring, counters, and even built-in seating. 

Green marble has an impressive artistic quality to it, so it looks good and eye-catching as a kitchen countertop, island, or even dining table. 

Indian green marbles are an exquisite variety of marble that has gained immense popularity the world over. Green marble is a complete package of natural charismatic beauty and amazing texture. India is widely known as the largest source of green marble. Its unique features make it vastly different from the greenstone found in other countries. 

We offer the finest Green marbles with a perfect finish from our quarries in the different marble sectors. RK Marbles is one of the most trustworthy exporters of Green Marbles from India. We have a complete range of Green Marbles.

Some of the most popular Green Marbles are-

Dark Green Marble – Dark green marble is the hardest form of marble known to mankind. The price of this stone is also very reasonable.

Rainforest Marble- Its earthy and elemental colours bring nature to your home. 

Spider Green Marble – Spider Green Marble is perfect for bringing a touch of glamour. It is a popular choice because of its outstanding texture.

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