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Why Indian Marble Is The Perfect Flooring material?

Why Indian Marble Is The Perfect Flooring material?

“Indian Marble: The Best Flooring Option For Your Home”

When it comes to marble, India is leading the world in marble production. Indian marble is well-known for its beautiful veining, coloration, and durability. It’s one of the most famous building materials in the world. It is found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh. In the north, it is found in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh states. In the south, it is found in the state of Tamil Nadu. It comes in many patterns and colors, such as White, Makrana,  Black, Brown, Green, Pink, and Red making it easy to find the perfect match for your unique style. The Price Range for Indian Marble is Rs 30-700 Per Square Foot.

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It is ideal for several applications, including kitchen countertops, flooring, backsplashes, and bathroom countertops. Whether you’re looking to add a new countertop to your kitchen or install a beautiful new floor in your home, It is an excellent option. It’s also great for commercial projects like office buildings and hotels. If you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated look for your space or are interested in classic white or something with a more exotic flair, Indian marble is a perfect choice.

Reasons to choose Indian marble:-

Indian marble cannot be replicated and is unique due to the veins of colors and white mottling. It’s becoming more popular among homeowners because it is a good, natural stone.

  1. It is one of the world’s oldest and most popular building materials.
  2. Indian marble is incredibly beautiful and unique, with various colors and patterns.
  3. It also has a natural resistance to bacteria, making it a sanitary option for food preparation.
  4. It has natural insulation that can keep your home warmer and cooler depending on the season.
  5. It is more resistant to stains and scratches than any other stone.
  6. It’s easy to care for; it’s a great choice for busy families who don’t have much time to devote to maintenance.
  7. It is a great investment for any home because of its beauty and durability.

Indian Marble: Why It Is The Best Choice For Your Home?

Indian marble is beautiful and versatile. It has been popular for hundreds of years because it’s beautiful, enduring, and high quality. Here are some of the advantages of using this marble in your home:


This marble is popular for its beauty and elegance. This stone adds a luxurious look to any space, and its veining provides unique visual interest.


It is durable and will last for years. It works for high-traffic areas, like entryways and kitchens, and doesn’t have scratches or stains from frequent use.

Easy Maintenance:

It is easy to care for and low maintenance, requiring occasional sweeping and mopping. Spills need to be cleaned up quickly, or they could cause stains.


It is impressive because it has a luxurious finish and may be worth more to homeowners. If you ever decide to sell, this material will add value to your property.

Types of Indian Marble:-

1. Makrana Marble- 

Makrana Marble is one of India’s oldest and finest Indian marble. The stone is quarried in the town of Rajasthan, makrana, India. It was used in some of the world’s most famous buildings and sculptures, including the Taj Mahal and the Victoria Memorial.

  • The most important feature of Makrana Marble is its water resistance. It almost exclusively contains 98% calcium carbonate and has less than two impurities. It is one of the oldest quarries in India.
  • The Varieties of Makrana Marble include albeta, makrana white, Dungri, Brown Albeta, Kumari Marble, Makrana Taj-Mahal White Marble, and others.
  • The price range of Makrana White Marble starts from Rs 35- 700 per square foot.
  • It can be used for Making temples, Flooring, Handicrafts, Wall Cladding, Sculptures, Furniture, and Table Tops.
Makrana premium brown albeta marble
Makrana premium brown albeta marble

2. White Marble-

White marble is one of the most popular choices for Indian marble. It has a clean, classic look and makes any space look more spacious.

  • It has high wear resistance and can withstand heavy traffic. This stone allows you to include decorative elements of any color scheme, making it easy to integrate into your design.
  • The Varieties of White Marble include almond white, Ambaji Superior, Agaria Pure White, White Carrara, Indian Statuario, Morchana white, Bliss White, and many others.
  • White marble is often used for flooring, countertops, and tabletops. Make sure it is properly sealed to prevent stains.
  • The Price Range for white marble is Rs 35- 700 per square foot.
Makrana White Marble
Makrana White Marble

3. Black Marble- 

Black marble is a beautiful and elegant option for Indian marble. It Can Add Sophistication To Any Space

  • It never goes out of fashion and is an excellent material for families with kids.
  • The Varieties of Black Marble include Nadi Black, Grey Carrara, Black Marquino, and many more.
  • The use of black marble is for making sculptures, flooring, wall cladding, and countertops.
  • The Price Range for Black marble is Rs 30-150 per square foot.
Indian Black Marquino Marble
Indian Black Marquino Marble

4. Brown Marble-

Brown marble creates a sense of calm, grace, and luxury in high-end settings and connects us with nature. This marble is especially liked by homeowners who wish to own a lot of rustic look in their interiors.

  • It’s Perfect if you want an earthy tone and rustic ambiance in your home.
  • The Varieties of Brown Marble include Agariya Brown, Ambaji Brown,  Rainforest Brown, Fantasy Brown, Rust Fantasy, Torrento marble, and many more.
  • Brown marble is the most well-liked color for the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and table countertops. As a result, they’re relatively less complicated to keep up than light marble countertops.
  • The Price Range for brown marble is Rs 30-320 per square foot.
Rainforest Brown Marble
Rainforest Brown Marble

5. Green Marble-

Green marble is a refreshing and calming option for Indian marble. It will bring a way of peace and serenity to any house.

  • It’s the Perfect material to bring nature and serenity to your home.
  • The use of green marble is for outdoor and interior countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. For flooring to highlight any specific area and for wall cladding in lobbies and staircases.
  • The Varieties of Green Marble include green onyx, dark green marble, Rainforest Marble, Katni beige marble, and spider green marble.
  • The Price Range for Green marble is Rs 45-130 per square foot.
green Rainforest marble
Green Rainforest marble

6. Gold Marble-

Gold Marble is an attractive option for Indian marble. It is famous for its vibrant gold color.

  • Every Pattern, Every Grain, and Every Line of gold marble speaks its own story.
  • Uses of Gold Marble are for Flooring, Walls, Countertops, home decor products, and Sculptures.
  • The Varieties of Gold Marble include flowery gold marble, Ita gold Marble, Goldio Marble, Goldino Marble, and Rainforest Gold Marble.
  • The Price Range for Gold marble is Rs 60-95 per square foot.
Rainforest Gold Marble
Rainforest Gold Marble

7. Pink Marble- 

Pink marble is a pretty and feminine option for Indian marble. It can add a touch of glamour to any setting.

  • It offers positivity and calmness with its soft and delicate hues complimenting your interiors and adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Use Pink marble for walls to highlight any single space, bathroom walls, and Countertops. (Note- Pink marble is too bright, so using it sparingly will prevent the room from becoming overly colorful.)
  • The Varieties of Pink Marble include Pink Milano onyx, Tomato pink, Carrot Pink, Udaipur pink, and others.
  • The Price Range for Pink marble is Rs 38-250 per square foot.
Pink Milano Onyx Marble
Pink Milano Onyx Marble

Note: It is cheaper to purchase Indian marble directly from Rajasthan. Purchasing 2000 square feet or more of it is much more economical than buying direct from Rajasthan. This will save you a very high per-square-foot cost of the product.


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