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White Marble stone: Designer, Decorative and long lasting


White Marble stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock which is formed by heating and pressure of metamorphism on lime stone. It is a light colored rock which is white in color naturally. Because it contains different impurities like iron oxides, bituminous and clay minerals which are pink, grey, bluish, black and yellow in color.

White Marble Stone

Ever Trending – White marble

The marble with the bright white color is very useful which is often mined and crushed to a powder for the removal of the maximum impurities which resulted in the whitening product. This powder is used as a coloring agent and filled in white wash, plastic, paint, putty, cosmetics, grout, paper and other manufactured products.

White Marble Stone

White marble is reacted to different acids as it is composed of calcium carbonate.

It is one of the acid neutralization materials which are being used for acid neutralization in streams, soils and lake.

It is also being used in the pharmaceutical industries to manufacture antacid medicines like tums that contain calcium carbonate. Made up of powdered marble such medicines help those people who suffer from acid indigestion and acid reflux.

The white marble is also being used in the construction of one of the Seven Wonders of the World that is TajMahal which is considered as a symbol of love.


White Marble Stone

Where to Buy from

RK marbles is considered as leader and renowned manufacturer of white marble in India.

There are different kinds of white marble which are being offered by the company at the best price with high quality in the market.

Marble slabs are being considered as a best option for constructing flooring as it has a pure and beautiful look.

White Marble Stone

This marble can be used in the interiors of home and commercial space as it creates elegance and serenity in the atmosphere.

White Marble Stone

White Marble Stone

There are various ranges of white marble offered by the company such as White Morwad, Makrana White, Opal White, Rajnagar White Marble which are the best sellers in white marble range.

These suppliers are considered popular in the market due to provision of pure white color, smooth texture and fine finish.

We are the reputed exporters of white marbles from India at affordable prices since last 28 years.

Uses of White Marble

White Marble Stone

White marble is also being used by many architects for flooring or cladding for brining spaciousness and luminosity to a room. This is the reason that white marble is considered as evergreen choice for constructing buildings, monuments and other architecture.

Marble floor is very popularly in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and lounges. It is also considered as classic choice to be made by the customer for constructing buildings for fulfilling their various purposes.


White Marble Stone

White marble is also being used as a marble countertops, fireplaces, marble floor tile, shower walls and backsplashes.

white marble stone

White Marble stone

White Marble

Marble is also being used for constructing walkways, sculptures and temples.

White Marble Stone

There are various characteristics of marble which made it a choice for customers to use it build architectural sites such as luster, porosity, durability, resistance to acid, heat, fire, and scratch.

White based marbles also helps in creating crisp and clean aesthetic due to which it is being used in kitchens and bathrooms.

You should emphasis on three questions while making the selection of the Mable to be used as an interior of your home.

Firstly, its application such as used for a floor, countertops, and so on. Apart from this, the second question is related to the attitude of a person who buys it and on the lifestyle of the people such as whether they are on the go home owner and neutralization of the acid from substances like red wine, blue berries and lemon that tarnish the look of the marble.

Marble is a stone which can easily be carved for producing ornamental objects and sculptures if the marble has low hardness then it is used as calcium additive in animal feeds especially in dairy cows and egg producing chickens.

In addition to this, it is also being used for scrubbing bathrooms and kitchen fixtures. Along with this, marbles can be polished to high luster which allow to make attractive pieces of marble for floor tiles, facing stone, window sills, columns and decorative pieces.

The use of white marble helps you to build attractive interior of your home or a commercial space.

White Marble Stone

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