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Update your bathroom with granite

Update your bathroom with granite

Update your bathroom with granite


Update your bathroom with granite, When you think about renovating your house first question come to your mind is which natural stone you should choose for flooring and countertops especially for bathroom as it is the place where you don’t want any mistake.

Granite is one of the amazing choices over the past decades. In recent years, this natural stone especially has become popular for bathroom. You can change your simple place with granite by picking it for bathroom. It will totally enhance the look with the great durability as well as it will give update your bathroom.

Granite, which is mined from naturally occurring rock formations, is composed of minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar. Granite is highly durable stone and comes in several colors including brown, black, blue, gray etc.

Some useful reasons to opt granite

  • Durability

Using stone setting in your bathroom makes it on a number of design levels. Firstly, it is extremely durable, and granite in particular is not likely to fall apart or crack because of damp damage.

This natural stone is ideal for bathroom floors, tiling, shower floors, shower tiling and countertops.


  • Color

Granite comes in extraordinary shades of color variations, from the light to the dark. Most shades are based in grey and green, but seems of color that range from black to blue are present.

People wish to keep the restroom as a clean space that affords you privacy and comfort, and using granite as soothing color foundation.


  • Pricing

Worldwide, Indian granite is reputed for its look and durability. The prices usually vary on the type of granite and the source. . Prices according to R.K. Marbles India –

Black Granite- Approx Price: INR 80-450 / Square Feet

Green Granite- Approx Price: INR 85-200 / Square Feet

Gold Granite- Approx Price: INR 65-215 / Square Feet

Grey Granite- Approx Price: INR 80-200 / Square Feet

Vanity Granite Ranges- Approx Price: INR 80-200 / Square Feet


  • Feel

Granite could be heat resistant stone, despite it is cooler, neutral colour, and this warmth is becoming popular with home owners across the globe. The soothing, smooth rock, which has an adequate amount of textural variations to add intensity in ways you would never have dreamed of.

This link between granite and strong nature could be a powerful draw card that contrasts nicely with several fashionable bathroom style trends.


Granite accessories

Granite is trend setter for bathroom but do you know it is not only limited to flooring or countertops. You may found many other accessories which you can use in bathroom.

  • Bathroom sink/ Wash Basin- This will give natural and different look which will attract people."<yoastmark
  • Jacuzzi tub- In today’s time people pick Jacuzzi or tubs for their bathroom as they make the bathroom royal. Granite tubs are rare used by people but they give antique look to your bathroom interiors."<yoastmark
  • Bathroom set- These sets are purely amazing, Granite bathroom sets have all necessary bathroom accessories which you use on daily basis."<yoastmark
  • Bathroom tray- For the touch up to the look of your bathroom you can go with granite tray.

    Update your bathroom with granite

These are some extra adding on accessories you can use them for your bathroom. Granite accessories are amazing and give attractively unique look to your restroom.

Tips for Granite Bathroom Flooring

Granite is all over amazing natural stone for bathroom but before updating your bathroom with granite follow these simple tips for your own benefit.

  • While selecting tiles for flooring you can choose big size of tiles to minimize the
  • To eliminate the chances of slipping on granite, you can choose leathered finish or other rough texture This will not make the surface slippery.
  • Choosing tiles is not that easy firstly you have to match everything according to the whole environment. Combination must be the first choice in styling.


Your lavatory could be a haven, and may be one of the few places in your home where you can be genuinely alone. Think about utilization granite if your bathroom desires a revamp. It will not let you down as a design choice.

If the flooring has to withstand high pressure, you can go for granite flooring. Granite Tiles are available in variety of colors and sizes. You can select color and pattern as per the Architect recommendation. Flooring with granite is prepared to modify the value of kitchen counters and bathrooms.

Looks are not the only benefit of natural stones. Homeowners and designers like Granite because they are durable. Granite, in particular, is so strong because it is formed under extreme pressure and heat. It is also heat resistant and scratch-proof, which makes it the ideal natural stone for bathroom floors, vanity and other uses.

If you’ll do proper care and maintenance, your granite flooring and vanities will last for many years to come. You can add qualities to your guest bathroom or master bathroom by adding an eternal stone countertop.

Take the next step in making your dream bathroom come true.

Update your bathroom with granite

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