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Top 6 Golden Marble for flooring in USA

Top 6 golden marble for flooring in usa

Golden Marbles floors are classy and radiate elegance no matter what the room is. One can never go wrong in the flooring department using this unique stone. Here we have a list of some golden marble flooring patterns that look great no matter what marble you will use. In fact, This natural stone gives you aesthetics and elegance at the same time. The elegance of marble is noticeable no matter what type you install. House owners can select the marble best suited to their house’s furniture and design scheme, but this selection can prove to be a bit daunting thanks to the huge variety available in the market.

  1. Antique Rainforest Marble 



It has a unique pattern. It gives a stunning look to interiors and is a perfect choice for the Wall cladding, for the bathroom, interiors of a home and corporate offices, and shops. If you’re looking for some golden-white base color at a reasonable price and Royal Structure, It is the best-suggested material. 

Price: Rs. 125/- per sq. ft



  1. Flowery Gold Marble 



Golden flower marble is famous for its stylish color pattern, beauty, and durability. It is a natural Indian stone with pleasing yellow color.

This pattern is also available in tile form by RK Marbles India with Flowery Gold Marble’s name. Fixing it will significantly change the look of your space for the better. Installing this Marble into your area may very well end up being one of the best choices you ever make for your house. The intellectual and wild pattern gives this stone its sole uniqueness. 

Price: Rs. 95/-  per sq. ft



  1. Goldino Marble



Goldino Marble is an imaginary option despite installing it as a trending marble stone for your home. You can’t go wrong installing this beautiful natural stone. There are many causes that people love this brownish Marble. Implementing it into your area can end up being one of the finest choices that you ever make for your house.

Therefore, As long as you take good care of it, this lovely and tough natural stone will stay in fantastic form for many years to come. The magnificence of this stone and the strength it offers are just two of the many constructive qualities that it has.

Price: Rs. 99/-  per sq. ft



  1. Goldio marble

Goldio marble


This is one of the finest creations of Jaisalmer sand. This Indian Marble is the perfect choice for flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and bathroom vanities. There are many immeasurable reasons that house owners have this stone near the top of their wish lists. Fixing it will immensely change the look of your space for the better. Installing Goldio marble into your place may very well end up being one of the top choices you ever make for your house.

This stone is faultless for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects. 

Price: Rs. 60/- per sq. ft

goldio marble


  1. Ita Gold Marble



It has high demand because of its stunning golden color. It is a kind of golden yellow with light brown shades Marble basically from India. Ita Gold Marble is an Indian marble that is lively and energetic. Its golden color with grey, black, and white veining makes it the picture-perfect stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace settings, and floorings. If you are looking for a natural stone substantial that can immediately become the focal point of whatsoever space you fix it in, Ita Gold Marble is a fantastic choice.

Price: Rs.80/- per sq. ft



  1. Rainforest Gold Marble



Rainforest Gold Marble is a kind of yellow marble, it’s origin from northern parts of India. This durable and beautiful Indian Marble is okay for indoor and outdoor usage in climates with freezing temperatures and commercial and residential projects, especially for Countertops, Interior Flooring, Walls, Backsplashes, Fireplaces, Tub Surrounds and Showers Vanities, etc.

Today, Rainforest Gold Marble is one of the highly demanding Marble from India. The Gold Marble stones are highly famous in the market for their excellent features such as long durability and top quality and are very popular. Our offered Marble is most suitable for flooring, wall fixing, and lining due to its physical and chemical properties.

Price: Rs. 95/- per sq. ft



Marble is a versatile material when it comes to its usage. To decorate floors, ceilings, fireplace surround areas,  walls, and backsplashes we use marble. You can even decorate your outdoor spaces such as a pool deck, garden, walkways, patio, fountain area, and driveway with this stellar stone. The only thing that a house owner needs to keep in mind is the marble installation’s maintenance. Marble installations should be mopped daily with a soft clean cloth and should be thoroughly cleaned using stone-specific cleaners at least once a week. They should be repolished and resealed twice a year to retain their luminous look.  If these instructions are followed, then marble installations can look brand new even after decades. 

We dominate in assembling and providing a broad scope of Gold Marbles. 

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