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Some cleaning tips for Onyx Marble


AOnyx Marble is a unique natural stone that originates from dripstone deposits of limestone caves. When water drips from icicles and spikes within these caves and evaporates a compound called calcium carbonate is port behind. This causes the stone’s multi-colored swirls, veins, and patterns that are matchless to onyx. Hence, onyx is classifying as a chemical sedimentary stone and can at times contain fossils and shells.




What Does Onyx Looks Like?

Onyx is a crystalline stone and often translucent – which means it allows for light to pass from side to side. The grade of transparency varies among onyx slabs and is reliant on the shade, thickness, and surface finish. A unique feat, onyx will recrystallize in time, often increasing clarity as a result. This stone typically comes in a wide array of yellow hues due to iron deposits, but other standard colors are green, white, orange, gold, pink, and brown.


Onyx Marble Care & Maintenance Guidelines:-

Onyx is a beautiful natural stone because it offers unique patterns and colors. Because of their chemical composition, the primary care for these stones is the same. Though, keep in mind that they are more porous than granite, so more care and maintenance involve because they are calcium-based.

This means Onyx Marble is very susceptible to acid etching. Etching occurs when acids microscopically eat away at the stone’s surface and classify by dull spots in the material’s body. Any spills that occur should wipe up immediately.
Please keep in mind that Onyx Marble is considerably softer than granite, so you should always take care of it in a good manner:

  1. Do not sit, stand, or kneel and onyx Countertops.
  2. Do not cut directly on the surface. Scratching will occur.
  3. Do not drop weighty items onto the surface.
  4. Hot plates recommend when long-term exposure to extreme heat is present.
  5. Don’t use abrasive cleaners.
  6. Do not weightily scrub any part of the countertop. For violent cleaning, pre-wet the exaggerated area and wipe clean.
  7. Do not allow water to pool around sinks and faucets areas for a prolonged period.

Unlike granite, for the removal of stains in Onyx Marble, we recommend homeowners contact us so that they can drag out. Onyx Marble counters are usually required sealing twice a year.


Daily Cleaning

Onyx countertops are generally wipe out clean instantly after each use and spot cleaned as needed. Many people recommend using cleaners definitely formulated for natural stone. The use of glass and window cleaners is not an appropriate method for caring for onyx countertops. Cleaners other than dedicated natural stones cleaners will mar the surface resulting in a cloudy dull presence. These instructions work as a guide. Always follow the commands listed on the intended product and test in an unobtrusive area to determine its consequence.

  1. Clean the entire countertop with a dedicated Stone Cleaner.
  2. Do not pour the sealer straight onto the surface.
  3. Pour the sealer onto a microfiber or terry cloth towel. Immediately distribute the sealer evenly to the desired areas working smaller, manageable sizes at a time.
  4. Allow the sealer to enter for at least five minutes.
  5. Using a microfiber or terry cloth towel, redistribute the sealer re-covering the working area.
  6. Allow the sealer to penetrate for an additional five minutes. Also,  Adding a new sealer when essential to achieve complete wetness.
  7. Apply a small amount of sealer to the wanted part and immediately remove using a fresh dry cloth.
  8. After ten minutes, buff the countertop with a clean microfiber or terry cloth towel to remove any rest.
  9. Keep the countertop dry for a minimum of 6 hours.


Variability of onyx

You can’t suppose to see two alike pieces of onyx tiles. It vastly varies from cut to cut and even within a sole piece. Even within a single lot, you’ll see onyx having diverse colors and color designs. To ensure a pleasing layout of the tiles and prevent the colors from clumping or grouping, do a dry layout of the tiles before installing them. When you want to install them, mix all the bits systematically so that the difference properly seems in all the parts after the fixing.


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