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White Onyx

Introduction to White Onyx

White onyx is a stunning and elegant natural stone that has been coveted for centuries for its luxurious appearance and unique traits.  The translucency of white onyx Stone also allows light to pass through, creating a beautiful glow when backlit. This Onyx is often used for countertops and for lighting fixtures to create a soft ambience. White Onyx is a popular choice for decorative purposes, Flooring and cladding for homes, offices, Bars and hotels as it adds an elegant touch to any space. 

Onyx is a type of calcite mineral that often displays bands or layers of white, cream, and beige colours with varying degrees of translucency. From its striking white colour to its mesmerizing veining patterns, White Onyx exudes sophistication and charm like no other stone. 

What is the Price of White Onyx Per square foot in India?

The Price of white onyx typically starts at around Rs 300 per square foot for lower quality or more common varieties. However, for higher quality grades with premium characteristics such as uniform colouration and minimal impurities, the price of onyx for flooring and countertops can increase substantially to Rs 2100 per square foot or even higher.

Types of White Onyx For Home

  1. Indian White Onyx– Rs 300 per sq. ft 

  2. White Crystal Onyx– Rs 2100 per sq. ft 

  3. White Onyx– Rs 1800 per sq. ft 

  4. White Tiger Onyx– Rs 900 per sq. ft

Uses of White Onyx in Home

  1. Countertops and Backsplashes
  2. Wall Cladding
  3. Flooring
  4. Furniture
  5. Lighting Fixtures
  6. Decorative Accessories
  7. White Onyx Coasters
  8. Candle Holders
  9. Serving Trays
  10. Wall Art

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