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Sandstone – Types, Uses and Colours

Sandstone – Types, Uses and Colors

Sandstone – Types, Uses, and Colors

In today’s interior world, sandstone is one of the most attractive available natural stones. But are they available in plenty of colours? Do these stones have various types? These are some natural questions people usually wonder about while fixing tiles for their walls, interior, and exterior.


Types Of Sandstone:- 

  1. Gold Sandstone 
  2. Red Sandstone 
  3. Teakwood Sandstone

Some Basics About Sandstone

Well, if you install sandstone properly, there will be no question of durability. Sandstone successfully mixes all the main features of natural stone and offers a great visual appeal, making it a crucial choice as a decorative component in your garden or walls.

Ranging in colour from light tone whites to bright tone and back to charcoal, tan, and black, sandstone can cover vast options of hues, yet it always has a touch of earth and nature that can be missing in many other natural stones.

"Sandstone – Types, Uses, and ColorsSandstone – Types, Uses, and Colors

  • Additional Uses- You can build your dog’s house with sandstone, make a birdbath, and create a sandstone mailbox, line walkways, or landscape around your home in stepping stone sizes. You can use it to make garage or home office shelves and even put it on your roof.


Colours you can prefer:-

There are varieties of colours in sandstone you can choose for tiling or walls. It has an amazing colour range you can choose according to your look. You can see the main colours below and choose your tiles according to your requirements.

Sandstone offers a range of colours.

  • Tan


  • Brown


  • Red


  • Black



It is a natural stone that gives a beautiful visual appearance to your kitchen, bathroom, or garden flooring.

The strength, quality, and water resistance make sandstone the best choice for the exterior. It comes in various ranges and colours.

Sandstone gives the interior a luxurious look and highlights the class wherever you install it.

It is the best choice for your home if you are looking for affordable products with high quality and beautiful touch.


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