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White Tiger onyx is the type of natural white onyx of ice background with shades of Gold colors. It has a natural shine. It doesn’t require any chemical processing. White Tiger Onyx is a kind of white onyx quarried in Turkey. Observing the Pattern of This Onyx Stone may vary depending upon the pattern on it. The pattern of this stone varies as it has a beautiful and flawless background texture.

White tiger onyx is popular for flooring Houses and commercial places. It is highly in demand for tabletops, sinks, and bathroom vanity. As it is available in various forms, its different types have different uses, and characteristics like the tiles have a unique appearance and are long-lasting, hence used in exterior and interior designing projects along with wall cladding and flooring. Also, the raw blocks have a glossy appearance, so, they are used for decoration purposes.

This White tiger onyx has various features which makes it different from various other natural stones. It has very high endurance, and hence the polishing and quality never change. White tiger does not exhibit any changes even if subjected to any external pressure and can bear any sudden changes in weight. It is also resistant to acid and weather.

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