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Turkish Onyx marble is a kind of yellow onyx imported from Turkey to India. This Onyx marble consists the bands of Yellow, gold, and Brown colors. Mostly, such kind of marble stone is used in mosques for decorative purposes, but nowadays you can use it in your home and offices for a luxurious look. Even it is known Turkish onyx stone is used in Rolls Royce cars. It is a top quality stone with quite expensive price.

You can use turkish onyx to create more luxurious look for the environments. With its light transmittance feature, it creates a homogenous look and also, you can use this stone in kitchens and bathrooms.

Turkish Onyx is the first choice of interior designers for different interior decoration purposes. Also, you can use this marble in flooring, Countertop, and Tabletops. Moreover, these onyx marbles are resistant to strains and have a very long life. Turkish Onyx Marble is easy to install and maintain.

Turkish onyx stone is one of the trausred products of architecture and it is used in both domestic and commercial  purpose for a better look in buildings.

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