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Spicy Black Granite is a kind of black granite that is quarried in the southern parts of India. There are dark black stripes in the greyish-black background of the stone. A low amount of variation is observed in this granite. It is also called Black Spice Granite, Spice Black Granite, Royal Black Granite. The Spicy Black Granite stone is one of the most demanded products of the Indian Granite trade. 

This granite is widely famous as the Flooring material.

Large size slabs and high gloss polish make it a builder’s choice for Kitchen tops and Flooring. These Granites are popular in different outside and inside projects to make them more durable and attractive. Spicy Black Granite is one of the emerging Indian Granite Colors which the people love absolutely. It is recognized simply because of its dark black base, having expanded granular, phaneritic all over. Also, this granite gives an astonishing appearance to the wall. 

It gives a stellar effect all over the granite slabs and you can use them without any hesitation in different areas. The granite’s polish, durability, and lively design make it worth the money you are ready to pay. Therefore, this stone lasts for a very long time and suitable for construction projects both commercial and domestic. 

If you are looking for luxury black granite that offers something exclusive, Spicy Black Granite may be flawless for you. This granite is an ideal choice to use as a feature piece and divert any room with its beautiful Black shimmering crystals.

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