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Sira Grey South Granite has a damp chalk-like appearance. It has grey and white grains uniformly distributed over the outside layer. Bearing a bloating paper finish, the granite stone has few crystalline patterns, making it blend with classical stones like marble and sandstone. 

Sira Grey Granite is popular for carve out statues, fountain blocks, and tombstones. It is also in use as kitchen countertops and cabinetry. The grey flecks make the stone surface ideal for interior decoration. It is quarried from the mines of Karnataka.

With light snow-white swirls and stripes, this beautiful black granite from South India can easily boost any interior or exterior aesthetics. This granite stone comes with small white flowers on a gray background. Sira Grey Granite has medium water absorption. You can use it for Indoor and Outdoor applications. Granite is one of the most challenging stones, and because of its design fineness, it is broadly utilized as a construction stone for both inside and outside reasons. It takes a remarkably cleaned accomplishment, which persists even in nasty situations. 

It additionally is accessible in an assortment of different completions.

This is not a luxurious stone but a famous stone worldwide. We are manufacturing this Sira Grey granite and are supplying and trading for them to succeed in every part of the nation and world. Our customers can get this Sira Grey South granite from our company at a very exclusive price range. The home looks attractive if the floor has been designed with a Sira Grey granite slab. These granite slabs are famous worldwide.

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