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Rajnagar White Marble Tiles are of white color with brown and black waves on them. These white marble tiles are mined from the mines of Rajnagar (Rajasthan). These tiles are usually available in the lining pattern which gives a unique look to your home. Its brown waves and black waves give Floor designs and figures when pieces are joined together.

These marble tiles are popular for both commercial and residential projects. This tile is highly durable and less water-absorbent. Rajnagar White Marble Tile is best suitable for the interior of houses, corporate offices, industrial offices, schools, hotels, and farmhouses. This Tile is also in demand for staircases and side walls capping due to its elegant looks. Rajnagar White Marble Tiles are one of the best options for flooring material due to their beautiful and pure look.

Rajnagar White Marble Tile is the most economical and one of the superior quality Indian Marble tiles processed from the natural Indian stone. This beautiful stone is highly durable and has a long lifeline. It has the highest degree of durability, shining, and whiteness which perfectly meets international standards.

These tiles are also available with us in modified range and conditions. This should definitely be on your mind during your search process. Rajnagar White Marble Tile is also one of the most durable that you will be able to find. This stone is in demand for its appealing look and its ability to make any space look aesthetically pleasing. Rajnagar White Marble Tile has polished, honed, swan cut tumbled, sandblasted, and rock-faced surface finish. RK Marbles India is a supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of Rajnagar White Marble Tile in India.

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