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Morwad White Marble Tiles are just perfect natural stone tiles. These marble Tiles have a stunning white appearance with amazing patterns on them. Marble Tiles are known to be excellent insulators. They stay relatively cool even under direct sunlight during summers and retains warmth during winters. Therefore, Morwad White Marble Tiles will allow you to save on your heating and cooling costs to some extent.

Marble offers a very versatile look, thanks to which you can use it in any room. Morwad White Marble Tiles are an excellent choice for shower floors and walls, vanity tops, and recesses in bathrooms. They work great in kitchen splashbacks and benchtops. They can even be used as tabletops both indoors and outdoors. And, of course, they can be used for flooring in any area. White Marble Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. That’s because marble offers a range of benefits. It looks gorgeous, it is durable, hardwearing, and resistant to shattering, it is an excellent insulator, and it reflects light. Morwad White Marble Tiles have nice strength and shine.

We manufacture and supply Modwad white Marbles Tiles of 1×1 and 2×2 sizes.

The thickness of these Tiles varies between 15 to 20 mm. Like other Indian Marble stones, It also doesn’t require any chemical processing. We offer a very less price for Morwad White Marble Tiles. At such affordable prices, you really don’t need to think twice

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