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Monaco White Wave granite is the popular type of white wave granite. This type of granite has its shining surface polished and smooth texture. It has a very attractive color and texture. The thing that makes this stone the first choice of all is the presence of grey waves running on its beautiful white surface. Monaco White granite is an imported granite stone quarried in Monaco. These Granites are easy to install and maintain. Monaco white wave granite is also known as, Sea Wave Granite, Sea Wave Flower Granite, and Seawave Grey Granite.

The water absorption capacity of this granite stone is 0.22% only.

The best features of Monaco White Wave Granite are durability and easy maintenance. It is a very good product for flooring and highly recommended by architects. This granite is used for countertops, interior flooring, and wall decoration purpose. If you are looking for light granite that will add warmth to your kitchen. Monaco Wave Granite is a natural stone hence no chemical processing is needed, only polishing of surface is required.

Granite is a great choice for kitchen countertops, and if you go with granite, you will not regret it. This Granite is easy to install and maintenance of this stone is also not a tough task. This granite is a very popular and average price granite. This is a perfect choice for homeowners looking for good quality affordable granite.

RK Marbles India is offering Monaco White Wave Granite Slabs and tiles in India at the lowest price. The thickness of this granite slab varies from 15mm to 20mm. Check out other technical details and the price of Monaco White Wave below. We supply marble and granite all over India as well as worldwide.

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