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The word Lappato has been derived from an Italian name. Majestic Lappato Granite or Brown Lappato Granite is a fantastic combination of dark grey and brown color. It has a bubble-like appearance of Brown color on a dark grey surface. Majestic Lappato Granite is an excellent dark color granite with a shiny surface. While hardness and durability remain the ever-attractive features of this granite, its easy availability in multiple colors and present cost competitiveness has made it a favorite homeowner material.

This granite is famous for its natural look and color.

The surface is non-slippery and easy to clean. This finish is not as reflective and shiny as the polished surface but has a soft sheen coupled with a subtle finish that can be felt with fingers. A Lappato, or a semi-polished, finish is the best way to add luxury elegance to your space.
It has a very long-lasting shine and durability. It has multipurpose uses in the building construction industry. Brown Lappato granite is in demand for design projects, interior and exterior applications. It is popular for the decoration of the floor, walls, and stairs. Hence, This Granite is perfect for the decoration of the house and commercial places like restaurant shops and Hotels. Their semi-gloss appearance creates an attractive look that is ideal for accentuating your room or home’s specific areas.

Lappato finish granite makes a dramatic impact when used in hallways to draw people into your home and set the luxury ambiance for the rest of the house. With our vast experience & knowledge in this field, we are engaged in providing a quality-assured range of Majestic Lappato Granite.

Now, Majestic Lappato Granite is available in different finishes also, and one can choose a finish as per one’s liking. Brown Lappato Granite is available as a Slab of thickness 15 mm to 20 mm.
Being the foremost company in the stone industry, we actively offer the best quality range of Majestic Lappato Granite. RK Marbles India is the finest supplier of Brown Lappato Granite in India and overseas. For more information regarding any other natural stone contact- +91-9928979999.

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