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Being one of the most prevalent granite variations, this stone product stuns all stone buyers with its pattern of black, brown, and dark red. Leather Brown south Granite is a dark brown background with black and reddish hues. Take a closer look at the Leather Brown Granite surface; you can discover many dark brown, red, and grey tones. This Granite remains our most popular surface choice because of its durability and overall pleasing beauty.

Leather Brown south Granite is suitable for both interior and exterior use furthermore is frost resistant and with a constant polish. Leather Brown Granite is a lovely stone, which in recent times has become very popular with customers. Granite in broad is a very hard-wearing natural stone, so your Leather Brown Granite will stand up to the wear and tear that it will face in any area. Considering these profits and the many others that the stone will offer you, Leather Brown Granite is surely one of the best natural stone options that you have for your house.

There are many causes that people love this brownish Granite.

This stone is faultless for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects. This natural Indian Stone has an excellent choice for any house or office project. 

Rk Marbles India’s products are treated using high-grade material sourced from the marketplace’s most reliable vendors. All our team members are experts in polishing and cutting these granites in proper dimensions. Granite is the most chosen option for natural stone. You can get every type of natural stone here with the best quality of support.

R.K Marbles India is a renowned marble and granite manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of natural stones with assured quality and the best price in the market. For more information regarding any other natural stone contact- +91-9928979999. You can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram