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Kumari Marble Tile is a very affordable type of Makrana Marbles Tiles. Makrana Kumari Marble tiles are a beautiful white base marble of black, brown, and grey wavy veins all around it. These tiles mainly consist of calcite(CaCO3). Kumari Marble Tiles are the best quality marble. Basically a calcite stone, Makrana Marble is durable and becomes shinier with time and usage. This White Marble represents purity and peace. When it comes to matching, that is going to be easy. It works well with neutral tones (creams, blacks, or greys) while combining it with other more eye-catching colors, such as red or green, makes it possible to soften ambiance.

It is mined in the town of Makrana in Rajasthan.

Possible uses are highly variable and can be found in interior and exterior paving, together with stairways, facades, and flooring. This marble tile is high in demand for flooring and stair casing due to its durability and natural color. Given its resistance and luminosity, its use is recommended in more frequently used rooms such as the lounge, kitchen, or bathroom as well as in bedrooms. These marble tiles give a natural-looking long-lasting shine. It is also a very budget-friendly Marble Tile.

The appearance of grey, and sometimes, brown streaks give the natural stone its uniqueness. Kumari Marble Tiles have polished, swan cut, sandblasted, bush-hammered, honed surface finish. This marble has very low water absorption capacity and it is also reliable in extreme weather conditions as heat.

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