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Kashmir White Granite is a variant of white granite which is quarried mainly in the southern parts of India. Kashmir White is a medium-grained, white-gray, granulite with mint-colored shades and blackberry-colored garnets. This Granite is also popular because it is one of the lightest White Granites available in the market. Kashmir White Granite Stone imparts a very beautiful and unique look to the construct. The aesthetics of this granite are affected by how it is extracted, processed, and finished.

It is considered a very versatile granite stone.

Kashmir White Granite Stone slabs as worktops add to the uniqueness immensely. These slabs have the capability to spell bound the onlookers with their charm. There are many other applications for this natural stone: walls, floors, facades, and, of course, kitchen worktops. The beauty, resistance, durability, and versatility make it an ideal product for construction and decoration. It enhances the natural look of your home and helps connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Kashmir White Granite is suitable for floorings. Bathrooms, living rooms, or corridors are perfect for granite floors because of their great hardness, resistance to abrasion, and low porosity.

Kashmir White tends to retain its color and pattern for a very long time so you will have a facade that will last a lifetime. This beautiful granite makes a statement in any house. It will look great in large or small bathrooms, giving a sense of elegance. It is a stunning, natural stone, and it is perfect for tabletops due to its high strength and durability.

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