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Imported Black Marquina marble is in huge demand in the market for its black color and supreme quality with reasonable prices. The white veins present throughout the stone are a perfect complement to the black background. Whether you are looking to match or contrast, Black Marquina marble is an excellent stone option.

Marquina marble is a high-quality black stone marble extracted from the region of Markina, Northern Spain’s Basque Country. It’s one of Spain’s most important marbles. The Black Marquina marble surely holds a notorious position in both Spanish and international markets as a leading entry among black marbles. It has incredibly high popularity and demand worldwide.

It’s fine, compact, black grain with white veins that can ultimately be very abundant.

Black Marquina’s lower grades are also generally quite high in quality. The Black Marquina marble is also used regularly in a few specific applications, including indoor floors, wall coverings, and bath design.

Between the visual impact, the stone can make in your house now to the increase in value it can bring in the future. Imported Black Marquina marble is truly one of your best natural stone options on the market. There are many terrific reasons that homeowners select this stone to complete their home remodeling projects.

Black Marquina Marble is in demand for its easy to clean nature. Besides, we assure our clients that a quality-tested array is delivered from our end. We always offer the best marble to our valuable customers.

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