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Golden Portoro Marble is basically a dark shade Marble with a brown texture on it. This stone consists of an intense and bright black color. It has brown veins running through it. Golden Portoro Marble is the premium quality of Italian Marble. Golden Portoro is a unique material. It is one of the most beautiful among the polychromatic marbles.

These polished slabs look as if gold has been poured directly onto the stone.

Due to its characteristic brown pattern on a black background. This marble is one of the most popular Italian stones. Durability and long-term life are its main features. The minimum life of this stone is 15 years. It is also known for its easy to clean nature. Besides, we assure our clients that a quality tested array is delivered from our end.

Its popularity never goes out of fashion. While hardness and durability remain the ever-attractive features of this marble. Its easy availability in multiple colors has made it a favorite homeowner material. Its perfect black color, lustrous shine are its beautiful feature. These qualities match the international standards. The earthy look, natural beauty, and environmental friendliness make natural stones the perfect material.

Portoro is commercially suitable for many different uses. For flooring, and furniture tops this is in demand. The polished finish adds a level of elegance. This black and gold marble, given its unique veins and quite an expensive cost. It is in use for luxury residences, hotels, and villas.

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