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Dharmeta White Marble is a white marble with a shade or pattern of grey, black and dark colors which are creating v like structure on it. This is one of the finest quality Indian marble quarried in Morwad, Rajasthan (India). It has a very impressive unique design pattern and color spots.

Dharmeta White Marble is an Indian stone.

It has very smooth, polished, and honed surface finishes. This is quite popular for its attractive price range and Multipurpose Applications. It is easy to blend with other house and kitchen decor, so you won’t have a problem changing your current space motif if you plan to install a Dharmeta White Marble floor. Dharmeta White Marble is one of the most demanding and least porous stones, making it an excellent choice for places like kitchens, and bathrooms as it does not react to acids and chemicals. It will bring a trace of beauty to your home, and it could last a generation if correctly cared for.

Dharmeta White Marble will make a great solid surface whether used as a tile or a worktop since sharp-edged materials will not go through it and stains are quickly taken off, making it very resistant to damage. Dharmeta White Marble is a low difference durable marble accessible in both tiles and slabs in an elegant finish. It is suggested for commercial and housing projects, including exterior landscaping in parts with cold weather. It is a brilliant choice for Interior and exterior flooring, stair casing, and wall decoration. This marble is popular in Indian market because of its elegant features and competitive price.

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