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Desert Brown Granite is homogeneous granite composed mainly of intense yellow-brown crystals and smaller black crystals. It is mostly consistent in color. This Desert Brown granite is a popular North Indian granite having yellow-brown and black stains uniformly scattered all over its surface. Even though you no longer live in the heart of the desert. You still feel very connected to the unforgiving habitat. You love how the tans of the Desert sand combine with the burgundy rocks that shine in a sort of matte way under the scorching sun. The dark black spots throughout the desert, where branches have fallen off and sat weathering in the sun, the good and the deserts stormy are forever what will make the desert your home. Desert Brown granite has all the color schemes only the Desert could provide with a beautiful tan base. 

Desert Brown Granite worktops have become an in-demand choice for a kitchen counter or work surface. These kitchen counters are attractive and come in a wide variety of designs & are affordable compared to other granite colors. It is easy to blend with other house and kitchen decor. So you won’t have a problem changing your current kitchen motif if you plan to install a Brown granite solid worktop. 

Desert Brown granite is one of the most demanding and least porous stones, making it an excellent choice for places like kitchens, as it does not react to acids and chemicals. It will bring a touch of exquisiteness to your kitchen, and it could last a lifetime if properly cared for. 

Desert Brown granite is a low variation durable granite available in both tiles and slabs in a polished finish. It is in demand for commercial and residential projects, including exterior landscaping in areas with freezing climates. 

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