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Classic Volga Granite is an adamant and durable natural stone imported from Ukraine. It’s Dense, black mineral deposits give a filter that almost looks like shattered glass, but it’s the exquisite blue mineral deposits that provide this granite its name. It is beautiful, durable granite in shades of dark greys and blues with lighter differences in greys and blues.

You can see Classic Volga Granite used in several uses such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and high-end furniture such as luxury dining tables. If you are looking for luxury black granite that offers something exclusive, Volga may be flawless for you. This granite is a perfect choice to use as a feature piece and divert any room with its beautiful blue shimmering crystals.

Classic Volga Granite has been quarried since 1967 and has become the world’s major foundation of Volga Bluestone. The reason for the symbol shimmering dark blue of this granite is the way the granite cooled. As the cooling process took place, individual crystals of plagioclase started to separate into microscopically tinny layers, which are consecutively rich in calcium and sodium.

Light-reflecting on these layers makes the shimmering effect.

It is not always stress-free to see the shimmering blue which this stone is well-known for from a distance. A Classic Volga Granite slab appears like a black granite stone with dark grey patches on it. But if you’ll take a closer look, the abundance of shimmering blue flecks on it. It is an expensive granite but you can buy it from us at the best price.

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