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Cincinate Granite is one of the most beautiful granite from the Exotic series. It is an outstanding stone with a mix of brown, black grey red, and brown waves all over the surface. The dramatic veining present in this stone is enough to catch anyone’s attention. Cincinate Granite is widely famous for its amazing physical properties like low water absorption capacity, crack-free surface, and High durability. It doesn’t have any effect on extreme weather conditions like heat as well as rain.

Cincinate Granite | Exotic series | is a great example of the natural beauty that stone can bring to your home. Adding this granite into any space can drastically improve the appearance of that area. The minimum life of this attractive stone is 15 years. It can stand up to the wear and tear that it will face in various parts of the house.

Cincinate Granite | Exotic series | is in demand for interior flooring, wall cladding of bathroom, kitchen, and living room. It is also popular for countertop and bathroom vanity and sinks top. This granite can also be used for exterior wall capping, fountains, and pools. Incorporating this stunning stone into the home is a terrific investment. This granite is quite affordable and people love Cincinate Granite. This beautiful natural stone is also one of the most durable materials that you can find and is easy to maintain.

Cincinate Granite | Exotic series | has polished, sanded, rock-faced, swan cut, bush-hammered, tumbled, and sandblasted surface finish. RK Marbles India is the largest supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of Cincinate Exotic series slabs. Contact for more details.

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