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Ambaji Brown Marble is one of the finest Indian marble quarried in the Marble ranges of Gujrat. It has a natural brown color with light brown and dark brown and another color pattern of impurities. Depending upon the level of impurities it has a very unique design. This marble has very low water absorption capacity and is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

It’s a strong Marble suggested for kitchen countertops or bathroom floorings. Ambaji Brown is an attractive Marble that is popular worldwide. Antique Brown is a lovely stone, which in recent times has become very popular with customers.

Marble in broad is a very hard-wearing natural stone, so your Ambaji Brown Marble will stand up to the wear and tear that it will face in any area. Ambaji Brown Marble is surely one of the best natural stone options that you have for your house. You cannot go wrong choosing Ambaji Marble. Fixing it may end up being one of the top decisions that you ever make for your home.

The surface is non-slippery and easy to clean. This finish is not as reflective and shiny as the polished surface but has a soft sheen coupled with a subtle finish that can be felt with fingers. A glossy, semi-polished finish is the best way to add luxury elegance to your space. Their semi-gloss appearance creates an attractive look that is ideal for accentuating your room or home’s specific areas. Brown Marble makes a dramatic impact when used in hallways to draw people into your home and set the luxury ambiance for the rest of the house.

Ambaji Brown Marble is used for interior and exterior flooring and wall cladding. This marble is also preferred for kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, sink top, and tabletop. It has long-lasting shine and durability.

Ambaji Marble has a polished, swan, and honed surface finish. It is available as a slab and tiles of different sizes and thicknesses. RK Marbles India is the largest supplier of Ambaji Marble in India and overseas.