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Marble Tiles: Everything You Need to Know

marble tile

“Marble Tiles: Everything You Need to Know “Marble is very popular natural stone which is used as tiles and slabs for floors, countertops, and walls. Marble Tiles are known for its quality, normal sparkle and nature of stone. These Tiles are truly magnificent to look at, they are beautiful and always unique and highly durable. They are also very versatile. It doesn’t require of any kind of chemical treatment.

The installation and maintenance of Marble Tiles is effortless.


Marble Tile is a luxury material, and it is also heavier and of higher quality. Marble Tiles is just like an Solid Rock. There is a wide range of colors are available in marble tiles.

Marble Tiles can be used for multipurpose:-

  • Flooring
  • Wall cladding
  • Hallways
  • Foyers
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom


Marble tile is more popular flooring choice for kitchens, as they provide the smooth and shiny feel to our kitchen.

The smooth and shiny feel of this natural stone can make your kitchen’s presence more elegant.



Marble Tile is a respected option for bathrooms for its long lasting.Either it is being used for a flooring or for shower surroundings.



As we all known that , the first impression is the last impression. First impression is everything when welcoming new visitors to our home.

It’s a better way to introduce your space than with marble tile flooring in your front entryway.



Hallways are the most overlooked and classic place in a house.

Once you add marble tiles to these area then you consistently made changes in it.

Before you decide that on which style to go with, it always a good idea to order the couple of marble tiles as a sample, for considering that which is looking good in your hallways.



Indian Marble Tiles are for its elegance beauty, natural shine and its strength.

The quality of Indian Marble Tiles are highly reliable.

These type of Marble Tiles doesn’t require any type of chemical treatment.

These marble tiles are available in many colors.

These tiles can be used for multi-purpose applications like flooring, wall cladding and many more.

The Indian Marble Tiles includes:-


Some imported Italian marble tiles are:-

  • Carrara Marble Tile :- It is commonly used in sculptures and building décor. This type of marbles are most commonly used marbles in residences. This is generally available in white, grey and blue-grey. It also used in bathrooms to add in airy and clean feel.


  • Statuario Marble Tile :- It features the uniform background and light grey tone. It is said that it is a sister stone to Carrara Marble Tile. It has a sort of semi-translucent quality and it also gives a shiny and glossy feel.


  • Calacatta Marble Tile :- Calacatta marble is generally in white with dark veining in large. It has thick patterns. Calacatta gold marble added the richness to the tiles.


  • Emperador Marble Tile :- This stone varies from white and grey. It is associated with calacatta and Carrara and comes in different shades of brown.


  • Crema Marfil Marble Tile :- It comes in many tonal variations. It is typically used with other darker and more natural colors.


Marble Tile Sizes :-

Marble tiles are available in various different sizes and these are:-

  • 60*60 cm
  • 60*30 cm
  • 60*120 cm
  • 40*40 cm
Marble Tiles Thickness :-

The thickness of marble tiles are available in 1.3cm , 2cm , and more standards.

Marble Slab Sizes :-

It is a thick, level bit of strong substance that is as a rule in square and rectangular structure.

Marble Slabs are available in different sizes. The Marble Slab Sizes are in 120cm*120cm and above.

Thickness of Marble Slabs :-

The marble slabs is a thick, and a solid substance that is usually available in square and rectangular form.

The thickness of Marble Slabs is 2cm and 3cm.

Why Marble Tiles?

  1. It has low cost commodity in crushed stone prepared for construction projects.

2. It is very attractive tiles.

3. Marble Tiles are available in various different colors and sizes.

4. It comes in sizes that range from large slabs to small subway tiles.

5. It is also used on the floor. Marble tiles can be used in almost any settings and almost in any room.

6. Bathroom provide an ideal location to add marble tiles, whether for smooth floors, or easy to clean   back splashes.

7. But there is one place where marble tiles should not be used and that is kitchen countertops, since it is vulnerable to acidic substances, which are often used in cooking.


How to Clean and Maintain Marble Tile?

Marble Tile has long been associated with luxury and beautiful design, so if you recently installed it in your home, you want to make sure that it looks lasts. Marble is one of the most durable material.


Cleaning marble tile :-

By cleaning your marble tile extends its life, as dirt and spills can mark your tile.

So these are following steps which is very helpful for cleaning the marble tile.

 1 :- Dust Mop.

 2 :- Vacuum with proper guidance and vacuum with care.

 3 :- Choose the mild soap that has PH neutral.

 4 :- For cleaning counter tiles and backsplashes use soft cloth instead of using hard scrubby sponge.

 5 :- Wipe down the surface as the way to prevent water spots, removing extra water.

Maintenance of Marble Tile :-

Regularly dust mopping is very necessary for the maintenance of marble tiles. Regular dust mopping should be a part of cleaning and maintenance routine. And in addition , do these things:-

  • Always use coasters and trivets on marble tile counters. If you have marble tile counters , always use coasters on marble tiles.
  • Use mats by all your entryways that won’t leave stains on your marble surfaces.
  • Clean the spills immediately, first use the paper towel for clean and then use the gentle soap and some water to clean the area.

Marble is a durable stone, it is very necessary to maintain its natural shine, strength and its quality and it can look magnificent in your home for years to come if you use these care and maintenance tips.

How to Install Marble Tiles?
  1. Prepare the substrate
  2. Prepare the mortar
  3. Lay the marble tiles
  4. Seal and grout the marble.







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