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How to make your Granite selection Easy and Stress free ?

The process of selecting the right granite slabs for our kitchen countertops is quite confusing and what we select is the best option or not.

So, here I will tell you the 5 secrets that make your granite selection easy & stress-free. Also, it will make your stone choice simple, and calm and furthermore enable you to get to the ideal choice for your homes.

Let’s talk about 5 secrets:-

Secret 1:-

Your first Granite selection is undoubtedly your best choice.

There is a vast choice of more than 200 granite colors to choose from, and all of them are naturally beautiful and few of those granite colors seem to go well with your cabinets.

During one of your visits, you might have seen a huge variety of granite slabs in various colors and beautiful patterns. During the visit, you found one particular granite that caught your attention and you thought “yeah this is the thing that I am looking for!”. It matches very well with your cabinet color, and floor tile, and even complicated your kitchen appliances.

But you want to see more granite slabs before making your final selection with the thinking that you might miss something even better as compared to others. You went on seeing more and more granite slabs colors in all the possible granite stores or yards in your area. Now at this time, you are more confused with the selection. You went back to the original place where you found the granite that grabs your attention. And this time you liked it even more.

So, go with your choice, go with the first granite that impressed you the most, that catches your attention. And choose that granite slab that best matches your cabinets and kitchen decor.

Secret 2:-

Avoid Glitters and choose hard granite.

Mostly everyone chooses the glitters, in granite. That glitters may not be your granite choice. You may have seen the few rock hues that were loaded with a bunch of glittery Mica pieces and sprinkled with golden and copper glittery gems. You adored all that glitters. But the kitchen isn’t a masterpiece or a showpiece for you like some other property holders. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen to meet the request of cooking food. You cook a ton in your kitchen to meet the requests of others.

The granite that goes into your kitchen must be powerful and pardoning to the withstand impacts of anything just like if you are a mother so your granite that goes into your kitchen must be robust and powerful.

It should be hard enough to tolerate all the spills, that your super active kids are going to make.

So, the glittering rock that you liked the most may not be your appropriate choice or may not be your optimal decision. You must choose hard and excusing genuine rock chunks for your kitchens. And you should avoid the glitters.

Secret 3:-

Avoid Grades of Granites (A, B, C,…D).

In Big stores, there is a grade of granites i.e, A, B, C and D…and so on. When you go to the Big stores for granite the first thing you notice is that granite is priced with A, B…to F grades granites.

You find that the price goes higher and higher as the grade reaches F from A. You think that the F grade granite is the best quality because it is the most expensive and the A grade is the lowest quality because it has the cheaper price.

But it’s not like that, please remember and understand that these grades of granite are based on pricing only, and not based on the actual functionalities, quality, and valuable features of the granite varieties.

Grading is only done to sell the granite consistently across all their stores. And they found grading the granites with A, B, C, and so on as an improvement and as an easy way to sell the granites.

So, it is not important that higher grade granite is a good quality of granite and lower grade granite is not a good quality of granite because it is not expensive.

It is only based on the pricing of the granite. The grades of Granite are just a trap so stop falling into the trap of grades of granites (A, B, C..D). You may choose lower-grade granite colors that are less expensive and more durable.

Secret 4:-

What you see as a Granite slab may not be what you get as an installed countertop.

Granite slabs are pieces of art. You might have been stunned by the beauty of full granite slabs and you might have thought some of those granite slabs are like pieces of art.

For installation, you have to remember what your kitchen has which shape, and what is the cabinet’s width from front to back.

Discuss with your Granite fabricator before you finalize your granite selection.

Get the full layout of your kitchen countertops by discussing with your granite fabricator before finalizing your granite selection. For the installation of granite into your kitchen, you should know the actual shape and width of your kitchen from front to end.

Secret 5:-

After the selection of great Granite, Choosing the right granite fabricator is an important task.

Granite shopping is not all about the great granite selection. Granite shopping should not end with a great granite selection.

It is very important to find a great granite fabricator. It is like buying a nice and high-end fabric for your custom suit.

The right granite fabricator is helped you and guides you that how it should be installed.

By selecting the choice of right granite for your kitchen, you have to select the right granite fabricator that helps you to cut and fabricate your beautiful granite into actual kitchen countertops.

So, the selection of the right granite fabricator is very important.

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